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LIC# 912587

"He is outstanding. He did a beautiful job. He has a great personality. His integrity was superb. He provides great follow up. He is a wonderful person. We were just tickled pink with his services. Anyone that has a problem with his buildings, there is something wrong with them."

project: room addition + three bathroom remodel.

customers: Ann & George m. Camarillo, ca.

For five years, Molly and I had been planning an addition to our house. There were endless ideas tossed around about what we could and couldn't do. We discussed all the usual options at length, but the one item I insisted on was that the family room should be made using timber frame construction. At first she looked at me like a deer in the headlights. I bought a few books on the subject and showed her what I was talking about. The blank stare was replaced with a twinkle of excitement and wonder. So I started looking into contractors. As fate would have it, I attempted to work with another outfit first. I say attempted, because after the initial warm fuzzy, they started stringing me along. After several weeks and shooting me an outrageous price for what I wanted done, they basically told me that what I wanted to do was beneath them. In contrast, my experience with ca dream homes builders has been truly wonderful. Things just clicked right from the first phone call. Molly and I were sure we wanted to work with you after you came out to see what we had in mind. Your patience, passion, and willingness to take the time to understand what we really wanted were so refreshing. While we had several ideas about what we wanted the end product to look like, it was your input that helped us shape those dreams and ideas into reality. Working with you has truly been a great experience. The customer service was fantastic. You were on time and on budget. All this and I still get to see the reaction on a person’s face the first time they see the room. Mouths hang open and eyes bug out etc. I just grin and answer the questions.

molly & frank L.

"It's been a good project and it's good to get the house fixed. I'm just waiting to wrap up. It's good to know that I don't have to worry now about the back end of my house falling off." "I was very satisfied, there has been a lot of work on the house with different contractors, and it was years of horrific stories, and I was absolutely terrified to get another contractor out here. Compared to my many, many past experiences, they were just great and I was truly terrified to try someone I didn't know. Out of 12 contractors in the last 6 years, there was only one other contractor that was really good. People go out to lunch and then don't come back for three weeks, they take your down deposit and then go out of business, etc... I was so relieved to see that they are professional and honest. I was also very happy to see that they do different kinds of work and I was able to use them for other things -that was a lovely surprise." "We just had an excellent experience. Everything went well and we are pleased we selected ca dream homes builders." "They're a great company."

don & tony Camarillo, ca

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LICENSE # 912587

This was a huge job and disruption to our lives.

The crew was fantastic though from the get-go. They packed up our house in a very short time and moved things quickly. Too quickly – I asked please don’t pack the coffee maker and they didn’t pack the coffee maker but they packed the coffee carafe (I laughed when I realized it – I should have been more specific my fault!) Demo was fast and furious and they cleaned up after themselves and did their utmost to minimize the dust.

They worked hard and didn’t screw around and did what they said they were going to do when they said they would do it.  Always smiling and so very respectful. They worked and they sang while they worked. Who does that these days.  The Tile guys were artisans and did such amazing detailed work. Impressive!!  The two guys that did the Venetian Plaster wall were such a team and the finished product is simply beautiful.

Sharon and his cabinet crew were simply amazing. They focused on quality! The cabinets are just a all that and a bag of chips! They too sang while they worked. T hey did an amazing job. There were so many lights and plugs added to the house. The kitchen footprint was changed and he had to crawl around in the attic in the heat! Can’t say enough about Sharon & his team treated us with the utmost respect and were so genuine and cared not only about the quality of the work but also cared about how we were doing during this job. They pulled us into their lives as we pulled them into our lives.

 We feel as if Sharon  and the whole crew are part of our family. Our dogs Freya and Kapua loved the entire crew and that says quite a bit.  We definitely are so happy with the results. What a great crew. What a great experience with professional contractors.


Aggie, Dwight and Tyler Winters